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Breath Is Prayer Conscious Breathwork Offerings

Breath is Prayer opens the door to your inner world, using a conscious, connected breath set to a musical journey and guided by Amy.

Breathing intentionally, with the purpose of increasing oxygen in your body, can literally change your life. It did mine! You can learn truths (and untruths) about yourself, heal trauma, ease physical pain, and experience energy or relaxation you’ve never known. Breathwork, done consistently, is a pathway towards reclaiming yourself.

Each session will move you deeper and deeper into the abundance of love, insight, and vitality that awaits once you break through the fear, pain, and blockages holding you back.

I highly recommend in person sessions if you are able to make a trip to experience the magic and beauty of Sedona! I can offer other adventures, services and retreats to really immerse yourself into a deeper and more immersive experience outside of your comfort zone and daily life. If that is not an option, the online option offers you the chance to enjoy the privacy and safety of your own personal space while still being able to experience the practice of breathwork.

Work With Me

Private Sessions are 2-2.5 hours so please schedule accordingly.

1 Private session: $200


Breath Is Prayer Conscious Breathwork Private Packages: 

Package of 4 ($150/session): $600

Package of 6 ($125/session) $750


9 week Radical New You Private Journey + Conscious Breathwork $1200

Sliding scale and payment plan options available

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Prior to participating, please watch the breathwork instructional video here:

How to prepare for your Group Breathwork Journey with me and what to expect!

I can’t wait to meet you and lead you home; to your wholeness, your truth, your love and light that is ALWAYS within you. Your breath is always there for you and I’m thrilled to guide you how to use it powerfully so that it can change you, from the inside out.

Radical Souls Sisterhood

Radical Souls Sisterhood TOGETHER we rise & expand ~ stronger.
3 month journey;

For the woman who...

*Struggles to find her center, her voice, to stand in her very own truth. 

*Lives in her head tangled up in anxiety, stress, depression and spinning thoughts that this life brings from time to time.

*Feels life deeply and loses her balance from life’s emotional hits and waves.

*Who numbs herself because she has forgotten how to feel; or is afraid.

*Is ready to breakthrough her own limits and the limits society and past conditioning offered you.

*Wants to say YES to all of life; to lean in, feel it all and trust the universe has your back.

*Is ready to return to the wholeness of her being before the world got it’s hands on her.

*Feels called to create a life outside of the ‘box’ and create her unique existence, led from heart; but is unsure…..

I see you. I feel you. I’ve been there.

And... I’ve found a way through.


The only way home is to know that YOU… are your very own medicine.

YOU.. have all the wisdom & answers within you to heal, to free yourself, and to follow your heart.

You are your own guru.

Personal space.

You see lovelies, for years, I searched outside of myself for what I sought, for healing, for validation, for my worth. Trying to fit this “square peg into a round hole” of what society and conditioning tells us to be and how to live. Until my body said no more and I fell sick and was forced to stop. To stop running, to stop searching, to stop seeking and just BE.

The body doesn’t lie. The body speaks to us. If we don’t listen ~ she speaks louder until we do. And.. you don’t have to wait until you fall sick….<

Life always offers us what we need;

Fully surrendering to life was the beginning of this healing journey. Facing fear and following my heart.

I embarked on a journey within through Conscious Breathwork, Self Love & Indigenous Healing Traditions that led me home to my center, to my truth, to the well of wisdom, joy, balance and abundance that resides in us ALL.

You, me, we, US.

We are all connected; one breath, one beating heart.

If this speaks to YOU; if you are ready to free yourself, your mind, the grips of stress, anxiety, depression and suffering ~ I invite you to join me for my Radical Souls Sisterhood 3 month journey. This is a journey for any woman, from any walk of life; Sliding scale and payment plans available.

What does the Radical Souls Sisterhood include you wonder?
3 months of:

  • Heart centered guidance leading you home to connect with your own self; your own inner guru and innate healer, your deeper wisdom, the answers and love you seek,

  • UNRAVELING through Conscious Breathwork ~ Breath Is Prayer; releasing stored emotions, releasing trauma, releasing limiting beliefs and healing on a deep, cellular level through Somatic Experiencing (Somatic = of the body).

  • Guided Self Love Journey and access to Radical New You Lessons & Guidance (9 weeks)

  • Group Online Conscious Breathwork Sessions themed around Self Love & Connection (9 weeks)

  • 1:1 Guided support leading you ‘home’ to your most authentic self, creative expression and deep inner healing.

Options to join:

3 Empowering Group Journeys Open for registration now:

September 6th - November 15th 2021

Spring 2022 Dates TBA

Private Guided Journey upon request outside of group dates available

How to sign up?
Contact me or schedule your Discovery Call here to see if it’s the right journey home for YOU:

Want to give it a go? Check out our free breath work video below'

Digital Downloads

Breathe to Breakthrough
Amy Schweim


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