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Breath Is Prayer
Private or Online Group Conscious Breathwork

Join me once a month where we gather in a group (possibly from different parts of the world) to tap into our universal connection. Please submit your payment via Paypal BEFORE attending the session. You can pay $10 to

Breath is Prayer opens the door to your inner world, using a conscious, connected breath set to a musical journey and guided by Amy.

Breathing intentionally, with the purpose of increasing oxygen in your body, can literally change your life.

You can learn truths (and untruths) about yourself, heal trauma, ease physical pain, and experience energy or relaxation you’ve never known. Breathwork, done consistently, is a pathway towards reclaiming yourself.

Each session will move you deeper and deeper into the abundance of love, insight, and vitality that awaits once you break through the fear, pain, and blockages holding you back.

This will take place online in my private Zoom meeting room , with two options to join: Morning or early evening. (Select below) We can see each other and it is interactive in nature. However, you also get to enjoy the privacy and safety of your own personal space.


If you haven't 'breathed' with me before, please watch this video to prepare for the session OR sign up for a private session! It's important to be prepared for the group session beforehand and this will help you set up!

Also, please review the list of health contraindications before joining:

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